October 2011

Five Ways to Speed Up Your Database-Backed Rails Test Suite

June 2011

Some thoughts on RubyConf India 2011

Everyone's an Idiot Some of the Time

March 2011

When to use RSpec, when to use Cucumber

Microsoft technology isn't what killed MySpace

February 2011

Arguments In And About Ruby

November 2009

Slides for my talk on construction techniques for internal DSLs

Headphones and hand grenades

September 2009

Pair Programming Is For Everyone: A Rebuttal

June 2009

Awsymandias, or, An ode to cloud computing

May 2009

Mocking in ISpec: A first pass


Blog syndication should be working again

April 2009

Destructuring Macros in Ioke

HTML format spec runner now in Ioke/ISpec

Why do type checks in dynamic code smell?

March 2009

Mansions of cards: Osinki, CDOs, and the role of software

Code comments, alias_method_chain, extensions, and the importance of expressing intent

An introduction to mocking and stubbing in Ruby

What the Rails Hosting survey says about the Ruby on Rails community

Announcing the release of ResourceFull 0.7.1

Onewaysweet: a way to track conversations

February 2009

Do unit tests find bugs?

Ioke mocking, Mocha as exemplar

January 2009

Refactoring A Strange Codebase

The Ioke programming language

December 2008

The Way I Pair

November 2008

Zed Shaw: The Simplest Possible Explanation

August 2008

Make Lotus 8.5 Pretty After Upgrading

Rails and REST: ActiveResource doesn't play nice with domain-driven resource identifiers

The difference between commentary and conversation

Rails and REST: Don't use auto-incremented database IDs as your resource identifier

Rails and REST: A reference to commonly-used HTTP status codes and their use in REST APIs

Rails and REST: Nested XML and the Law of Demeter

I'm Not Sure That Word Means What You Think It Means

The weirdest code I've seen recently

July 2008

GitHub, briefly

Marketing Ruby

Somebody Else's Code

May 2008

Speeding up ActiveResource

Six Months with NetBeans on Rails: A Retrospective

Out of Hibernation

June 2007

Give Camino another look

Slides and video from last month's Handshake presentation

May 2007

On IBM and patents

You can take the software company out of the jungle

Benchmarking Handshake

Career announcement: I'm joining ThoughtWorks

The power of text

I realize that this constitutes a flurry of activity

Handshake at Boston.rb

Handshake 0.2.1 Released

April 2007

They what said it best

This is not a free speech issue

Chicago: in fashion

And you thought you knew a tea

A word on Joshua Bell and the Washington Post

Marketing Community-Based Open Source Languages


Well, I'm here

Will people pay $.30 extra for high-quality DRM-free music?

Comment paradise lost

March 2007

Way over yonder in the minor key

Like pouring cold water on A List Apart

Handshake released as a gem

Inanity in the presence of kittens

Kitten break

Handshake vs. ruby-contract

Let's make a deal: Handshake, a contract system for Ruby

Meet RubySearch!

Sick of Courier New?

Waitin' for the spam to come rolling in

Three hundred morons

Scheree Schrager has a kitty!

Aaron Leans On PISA

Funditry with Puppies

Funditry with Punditry

Shocker: FBI abused PATRIOT act

RadRails developers pass it off

I have a homepage!

While I have your attention

Fun with hosts, virtual and otherwise

The obligatory welcome-to-my-blog post