Well, I'm here

So I’m out in California tonight and tomorrow for An Interview. I’ve never been any farther west than Florida before, and so far… well, it looks a lot like Boston’s Rte. 128 belt, to be honest. I used to read way too much Wired Magazine in high school and I remember, if you can believe this, dreaming about Silicon Valley and the brave new pioneers out there forging crazy new Internet services. So even if nothing comes of The Interview, I’m tickled just to be able to visit.

Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to get out much. I’ve always wanted to see San Francisco but there’s not really enough time to make it from Mountain View (cough) to there and thence to San Jose in time to catch the red-eye back to Boston. I’ll be flying in just in time for Friday classes, where by ‘just in time’ I mean ‘six hours early’.

I had hoped to get some studying done tonight but I’m pretty beat. Apparently there was a screwup with the reservation. I arrived at the checkin desk for JetBlue only to find that, although they had me down for a ticket for San Jose to Boston, there was no such reservation for the other direction. After twenty increasingly frantic minutes on the phone with the travel agent they managed to scrounge up a seat for me, with only minutes to spare before the flight had to leave. Naturally the flight was subsequently delayed for an hour. Har har.

Study, you say? Yes, I brought textbooks in my suitcase. I’m That Guy.


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