Handshake released as a gem

I’ve released Handshake as a live RubyGem. After you update your gem index you should be able to get it with gem install handshake, and you can browse the RDoc at handshake.rubyforge.org. A couple of things have changed since my previous blog post, so pay attention:

  • Pre- and post-conditions now expect you to check assertions rather than return a boolean value from the block. I changed this because the project I’m working on requires some moderately complex rule-checking and trying to string together &&’s got really ponderous. This is probably an indication that there are better conceptualizations of that particular problem. I do quite dislike invariant and before/after employing different usage patterns.
  • I’ve added a few new clauses. Check the RDoc if you need more information on these.
  • I’ve fixed a lot of bugs, specifically a couple dealing with class type checking and contract inheritance.
  • Contract violation error messages have been improved. The stack traces are also slightly better but not yet up to par. To generate a proper stack trace it has to be seen as originating from the method in question rather than somewhere within the bowels of Handshake, and that’s been improved but in the worst case is still two or three levels removed from the caller.

I’ll push out another release once I have a better handle on error messages. I’m having a difficult time finding an authoritative answer to what the “best” way is of getting detailed stacktrace information. Is Binding.of_caller still broken? Will debug.rb get me what I need? Or call_stack?

ruby-contract‘s default behavior is to ignore contract checking unless your application’s $DEBUG flag is set. Although I haven’t made that the default behavior in Handshake, it makes a lot of sense; a contract system would probably impose inexcusable performance penalties without some way of turning it off. And if we’re not worried about performance in the first place it seems to me like a pure-Ruby implementation of something like one of the above is preferable.

As an addendum, I should note that hoe is totally pimpin’. Hyuck hyuck.

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