Sick of Courier New?

I was working with the TA for our Software Development class the other day and I noticed that he’d remapped his browser to display fixed-width fonts as Monaco instead of Courier New. It’s a good idea and I thought I’d repost it here in the service of others who were, like me, too dumb to come up with it on their own but still unsatisfied with their fixed-width font experience. The setting is in Firefox under Preferences → Content → Fonts & Colors → Advanced.

Running Windows? This is similarly old news, but the new ClearType-enabled fonts that Microsoft released for Windows Vista work just fine in XP. I discovered this a couple of months ago when I installed Windows on my shiny new Mac via BootCamp and was suddenly acutely aware, in a way I never had been before, how ugly everything looked. Their new fixed-width font is called Consolas, and it’s lovely. You can grab them all here.

It’s not that Courier New is such a terrible font. Well actually, I guess it is.

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