Meet RubySearch!

Update: Apparently there’s a bug in which the scrollbar doesn’t work properly the first time you run a query. You can resolve the issue by either resizing the widget or running a second query. Thanks to Kent for pointing this out; I’ll post a fix as soon as I have one. Widgets are weird.

I’ve finally gotten around to polishing RubySearch and releasing it into the wild. RubySearch is a MacOS (10.4) Dashboard widget for Ruby developers. It allows you to query local Ruby documentation (generated and stored locally by rdoc/ri) and pulls it all into a handy dandy dashboard widget, complete with hyperlinks and what have you. Which is only useful if you’re into that sort of thing, and baby, I am.

I am arbitrarily calling the first version of RubySearch version 0.6. It requires that you have Ruby installed correctly, along with its accessory ri command. Here’s the official site, here’s a direct download link, and here’s a screenshot:

Ain’t it purdy?

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