Fun with hosts, virtual and otherwise

I’ve had a glorious time setting this thing up, a time of sunshine and love. Blessed are the editors of config files, for only they live life to its fullest.

I had originally wanted this blog to be a subdirectory of the main domain but after hours of effort I’ve largely given up. It essentially comes down to aesthetics–do I prefer, or–which I freely admit is a highly esoteric issue, especially given that the former is considerably easier to set up. But I followed these instructions to the letter, and many others, and I found that no matter what I did, all of the URLs worked fine within Mongrel and were completely broken after they got passed through the proxy.

Once you’ve gotten so deeply into the problem that you start to classify the explanatory articles in your browser by their color scheme it’s probably time to look for a simpler solution. Perhaps someday I will move this blog to another URL, but I fear, dear reader, that today is not that day.

While I have your attention

The obligatory welcome-to-my-blog post